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Lock-down – My Story so far…

What we see being successful are the fundamentals of public health – proper personal hygiene and containment

World Health Organization

It has been 5 months since I have posted anything on my blog. There was no specific reason for this, but I just did not travel anywhere that would inspire me to publish a good story on my blog. Then the Corona Virus hit us and it did hit us bad. I am in lock-down for the past 7 weeks. Weekdays are in Home Office mode, weekends in chores and passing time. I dress in office attire in order to get a realistic feel. 😊 Initial few days were exciting – working from home, Netflix, Prime etc, but then slowly it started kicking in. I had to change my whole schedule and focus on having a positive outlook. So I worked on a solid plan:

1. Be positive
2. Focus on health
3. Personal Connect
4. Follow my passion



So immediately I started avoiding any negative posts and stories from the media and whatsapp. Earlier I used to experience so much negativity flowing through these communication mediums, but then I came across the Snoopy-Peanut cartoon and it made complete sense to me. 😊Obviously, there are things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak to protect yourself and those around you, but you do not need be an expert, nor do you need to hear about every unpleasant detail. Instead, focus on the positive so that you have the energy and resolve needed to weather this storm.


Then, most important was to focus on my health. So prepared a detailed schedule to keep myself fit and fresh throughout the day. This plan was as follows:

  1. Morning (Everyday): Stretch exercises: 10 min, Yoga: 50 min
  2. Evening (Alternate days): Core and Strength exercises: 30 min

This rejuvenated me completely. Whole day I felt fresh, “young” and energetic. This helped me a lot especially in the Home Office setup, where one spends hours in one position responding to mails, attending calls etc. In case you need my schedule details, do drop me a note:


Next it was important to connect in person. Now “in person” was not possible physically due to lock-down, 😊 so I leveraged technology – using video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams… I connect with my team every weekday for 15-30 min. We just discuss about any topic other than office, share our experiences and sometimes even have fun through games.

I also connect with  my friends once a month. We talk about our old school and college days. Any recent interesting events experienced and share a virtual drink or two (my drink is a black coffee though 😊)



Next started to explore my cooking skills. I never had attempted the bakery genre earlier and tried my hands this time, for the first time. Eggless Banana Cake was my first attempt and believe me it was yummy, scrumptious. My family enjoyed it to the fullest. Next was a 3 Layered Custard Chocolate Cake and following that Shakshuka – Moroccan Poached Eggs 😊. My latest one was Vanilla Choco Chips Cup Cakes. Chef John’s recipes and Hebbar’s recipes are the ones I referred for these. Sounds yummy doesn’t it?

Well you must have realized my appetite for experimenting. I like to try different cuisines and even when I try always have local food. When in Rome, do as the Romans do…  But on weekends only 😊.


And finally tried some hands on an Indian sweet called “Ladoos”. Aren’t they delectable. Well these are actually matchsticks 😊. Courtesy: my friend and an awesome photographer Azad Sheikh.


Again on weekends I spend some time with my camera gear. Earlier I was skeptical in terms of whether I will be able to get any good shots, angles etc. But you can see a few snaps below which speak for themselves. These are photos from my garden. Unbelievable !!!!!

Further the whole chemistry of the surroundings has changed – clearer skies, birds in many numbers flying and chirping.  We have made some new friends. We serve them breakfast and lunch daily. They now are our regular customers and to my pleasant surprise they remind us with their calls in case we are late. 😊

The mornings are so blessed. Birds – Nightingale, Cuckoo –  filling the surroundings with their beautiful chirping songs . This is now is our regular “Morning FM” we get to listen to. It starts around 4:30 am in the mornings – helps me as I get to wake early and start my exercises. We feel as if we are in a jungle resort and not in an urban set up. 😊

Finally, in this current lock-down that we were not mentally geared up for, how do you keep yourself going through your personal challenges, shuffling between family responsibilities and home office; and still delivering on all your tasks?

You Move On…

And that is what I have decided: keep a positive outlook, keep myself motivated. Take care of myself, my family, my work.

This is my story so far……

I will end my blog with a note of thanks to our brave warriors – the medical community including doctors, nurses and the medical staff, police, fire fighters and many more.
Thank you for the sacrifices you make, every day and especially during this pandemic.
Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.
Your service to patients is saving countless lives and making thousands of differences.

Thank you for being our guiding light.

#ThankYouCoronaWarriors #ThankYouFrontliners #WeAreinthisTogether #StayAtHome

Hope you enjoyed this post. So like it, comment on it 😊. I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.
Thank you!


Published by Wander Lens

A wanderer, dreamer, traveller, photographer from Pune, India. I set up this blog to share my experiences of travelling and photography to inspire and help you to travel more too

10 thoughts on “Lock-down – My Story so far…

  1. Fantastic blog @Sohil… I actually felt very positive and upbeat after reading it; and the phenomenal pictures simply brightened up the whole reading experience. Those delicious dishes you cooked look so tempting, especially the 3-layered custard chocolate cake… can’t wait to take a bite :)!

    Keep inspiring your friends and colleagues with your creative ideas and positive thoughts, in this otherwise gloomy lockdown period. Cheers…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No doubt Sohil is well known to review presentations and also give a different perspective. This one is yet another classic testimony that showcases the new norm of his lockdown.

    Being part of his team, the daily connects that’s mentioned are helpful to connect virtually with team and get us some relaxation in this taxing time of working from home 🏠.

    For sure your photography has always been awesome.

    Do continue with blogging and sharing your Ideas !

    Liked by 1 person

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